SCR Strategic Review is a specialist consultancy started in 1999. We provide an analytical service, supporting clients in building strategy & action plans.

Insight driven, projects have ranged from developing businesses in emerging markets, to optimising international supply chain networks.

Our goal is to serve a limited number of clients, with the belief that this gives much greater depth of knowledge, and the ability to deliver more value in the long term.


Listed below are several examples of where we have worked with clients to deliver projects:


  1. BulletGlobal Logistics Benchmarking in over 50 countries (Consumer Goods)

  1. BulletLogistics Network Design - optimizing movements of products across Europe, from factory to end customer (Consumer Goods, Pen & Fine Writing Brands)

  2. BulletBusiness case support for creation of a new procurement organisation, now one of the largest entities buying transport in Europe

  1. BulletDesign and rollout a network of distribution centres across Russia – at the time, the first of it’s size & scale (Consumer Goods)


  1. BulletGreenfield studies for two new factories in Russia, including a new cross-business manufacturing platform. In both cases, projects were approved and factories constructed (Consumer Goods)

  1. BulletReview of factory sourcing networks for a business unit across Asia, including identification of strategic locations for future investment (Consumer Goods)

Market & Brand Development

  1. BulletBusiness case & brand activation for a new product launch in Russia, beating main international competitor to market, and taking leading share position. Subsequent benchmarking to identify opportunities to improve business model of same product in South Africa (Refreshment / Beverages)

  2. BulletMarket structure & competitor analysis - evolution of international & local producers in Russia and Ukraine (Foods)

  1. BulletMarket scans of pharmaceutical sector in Russia to identify ‘white-spot’ sales opportunities (Packaging)

  1. BulletRollout plan to expand sales teams across the former Soviet Union, to support step-change business growth (Pen & Fine Writing Brands)

Company Vision

  1. BulletReview of options (organic growth, IPO, sale) for a business in Kazakhstan

  2. BulletBusiness plan for a start-up in distribution sector (Investment Fund)

  3. BulletVision & action planning - workshop & analytical support for a leading company operating in Russia, Ukraine & Belarus (Consumer Goods). Included consideration of alternative routes to deliver growth ambition - building existing brands, launching new products, acquiring competitors

Ways of Working

Ways of working can be set according to client needs, whether as full projects, training programmes, or workshop facilitation.